quit cocaine programmes
Quit Cocaine Programmes

Rehab Programmes – Rehab programmes. quit cocaine offers drug and alcohol rehab programmes available from 1o days to 12 weeks or longer on request.

Our proven 12 week programme now has limited place available.

Call our team now for details of this, and all our programme on, Tel 0845 3881 543  (24 Hours)

Rehab programmes

10 days rehab including a medical detox.

2 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

4 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

6 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

8 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

10 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

12 weeks rehab including a medical detox.

2 – 12 weeks secondary care.

Call Tel: 0845 3881 543 for details and availability.

We also offer a lot of things for free not often offered by other companies. With all our programmes we will give you free 12 months aftercare, plus all the intervention work we do with clients, and families is also free as is every ADUS Healthcare assessment we do. Becoming free from an addiction should not be made more difficult by complicated price plans, and add ons hence apart from the cost of the programme, everything else we mentioned above is free.

Where are your rehab programmes

We can offer drug rehab and detox programmes in all parts of the country, so we will have a centre near you. Depending on the addiction, we would sometimes advise the client to have their treatment done away from where they live. This is quite normal when dealing with drug addictions for obvious reasons.

Which is the best rehab programme

Every client is different so there is no real best programme. We will find the best programme for you depending on certain factors, ie how much you take a day, how long you have been taking it, your age etc . If you are asking which is the most popular programmes, I can say we do find our 4 week and 12 week programmes are the most popular. This I feel is because it is geared for main stream addictions.

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